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The End
Happy Girl
I'm sorry everyone. I know this is sudden, and I haven't talked about it with anyone else. I'm officially closing Anime Angels (the website) down. I can't afford it anymore and I don't have the time to devote it either. I'd pass the website onto someone else, but everyone I trust is pretty much in the same pickle that I'm in.

As a community we'll still be around though! Join us here at Livejournal or...



I've sent a mass email out to everyone to let them know. To all the people that responded, thank you! You're part of the reason I love Anime Angels and am sad to see it go.

New Version FTW!
Happy Girl
Hello fellow A.A. members! I have a pleasant surprise for you!

We are in the process of revamping and updating the website! It will be sleeker, prettier, newer, and shinier all around! I've already seen bits and pieces of it, and I'm quite excited.

What does this mean for you? With the switch there will be less than awesome things happening. For instance, our forum content is huge. There's just no way to copy it all over. If you really like a particular thread, it will be your responsibility to save it, store it, and then repost it in our new design.

Also, we're all going to have to recreate our profiles! I know, it's a bummer. I'm going to have to do it too though.

Lastly, this does not come cheap. While we're getting a serious discount from Keely, partly because anime4christ is helping and partly out of the goodness of her soul, she still needs to be reimbursed for her work. The current cost for the whole change is $450. (Which only seems like a lot if you didn't see the original estimate!) I am paying for all of it. As I do with everything concerning Anime Angels.

I'm asking that if you have money, please consider donating. Any amount will help! Even if all you got is $5 to give. If you don't have any money, THAT'S OK. Don't feel guilty that you can't help financially. You just being a member is enough! :)


We are going to be using something called BUDDYPRESS to make our new design. There are all sorts of plug-ins and extras that go along with BuddyPress. Take a look through what they have. If you see an interesting Plug-in PLEASE TELL ME! We might be able to implement it.

Lastly, we are thinking of adding ADs to the website. Like I said, I pay for everything. And in some cases running this website amounts to quite a bit more than pocket change. Be rest assured we will not allow any ol' ad company to come in. These ads will be family friendly and non-obtrusive. (If we can find a really good company, we might even find INTERESTING ads. How about that?)

Any questions? Comments? Now's the time! :)

Domain Experiation "Issues"
Happy Girl
UPDATE: ANIMEANGELS.NET IS UP! You should have no problem logging in now. :)

UPDATE: I renewed the Domain no problem! It's not up yet, but I'm giving it a few hours to propagate the change.

So today I wandered over to AnimeAngels only to find out the domain had expired. I had a very "Buh?! o_0" type moment. I had not gotten any emails saying it was expiring.

When I went to the website I realized what had happened. Alaskey--a wonderful brilliant person--had set up the account and had everything set up in his name and email. It was suppose to be changed over to mine. But for some reason it wasn't. So likely all the "domain is expiring!!" emails got sent to him instead of me.

I'm not sure exactly how that mix up happened. I contacted him the moment I realized what had happened. (Which was, like, maybe 30 minutes ago?) I'm hoping we'll get the domain name back without too much fuss. >_>

Your Befuddled Admin,

The AA domain expired again.
First Nations - Native Pride
See subject title.

I don't know how many of the AA Live Journal members are still at AA (or even use their live journal), but I thought I'd post here, just in case.

(This is Nadia, by the way.)

We're back.
I'm pleased to say that we got our domain name back, thanks to our dedicated staff members. Our Lord be praised. ^__^

Domain FAIL
Happy Girl
Our domain went out into the wild, and is now free for any and all to take it. I had a starting bid. The idea was I would put a bid on it and buy it. Well, someone ELSE put a bid on it. And they put a BIG bid on it. I really can't afford to go above 80$ and this bid was higher than that. (I suspect it goes up to 100$ at least.)

I don't know what to do except purchase a new domain name. Anyone got any good ideas on a new name? :-/

Domain Name Down
Pink Sparkily
It turns out Keely's Dad is the parent account. Unfortunately he's not interested in helping. So what we've had to do is wait until the domain name expires and is released "back into the wild". We have a "back order" on it, meaning the moment it's free we'll snatch it up. But it takes a while for the domain name to be released from it's prior owner, possibly a month or more.

I also made a new account, one completely free of a parent account. This should help prevent what happened this time from happening again.

*sighs* Well, I guess we're on an official hiatus. If you know other members who don't have this website, please pass it on so they can stay informed!



Hello Folks! Hope you all got that email I sent out. Looks like the domain name expired before I could fix it.

What happened was this: Our domain name expires June 21st. I went to renew it, normally a simple matter involving some mouse movements and a credit card of some type. However, THIS TIME I was denied the ability to renew! I had the money, I had the will, but the system wouldn't let me.

I investigated and it turns out my account was a "sub-account" which did not have the authority to renew domain names. The first thing I thought of was "When did my account become a sub-account?!" I had not (and neither had Keely, the person who set the account up originally) ever been told that the account was a sub-account. We were always under the impression it was the main account.

So I went to investigate this "parent account" that I'd never heard of. I contacted GoDaddy customer support and my ticket was soon escalated to Tech Support. The Tech people I talked to said they could merge the two accounts but I needed to make sure the information on both accounts was exactly the same.

My account was easy to do, but this parent account was a different matter. I had to fill out paper work and FAX it to Godaddy, which I did last week. Obviously they have not gotten to my FAX yet and I'm still waiting.

As you can imagine, I'm very annoyed at this whole thing. I have no idea how our account got sub-account status or who created the parent account. It's very alarming to find out there some other account out there controlling ours without my knowledge.

I'm hoping by the end of the week to have this straightened out. We'll see though. Bear with me fellow AAers! We'll get up and running again!

EDIT: Ahhh... apparently no one got the mass email I sent out to our members. I'm sorry! I did try to warn everyone of what might happen. :(

Backup website
I don't know if any of you guys remember, but last time AA got hacked I made a backup forum to use on my website. So, if any of you want, you can chat at while we wait for AA to get back up.

Jesus Film goes anime

"Originally distributed in 1979 by Warner Brothers in theaters nationwide, the two-hour "JESUS" film is not only the most widely-distributed, but also the most translated film in history---with more than 900 separate language translations and more than 6 billion exposures globally, topping Oscar greats Gone with the Wind, The Sound of Music, The Lion King, Titanic, and The Wizard of Oz. Now plans are on the table to adapt the story to anime. The JESUS Film's Chief of Staff Greg Gregiore says, "A number of different things that we're doing have to do with innovation, or with taking the assets of the JESUS Film that we have and repurposing those assets." "We're taking the audio tracks that we have translated and re-recorded over these past 26 years and putting new visuals to that. And, we're working on right now an Anime version of the JESUS Film." It'll be a bit different than the current film, says Gregiore. "We will reorder the events and make more of a story and a dramatic film out of it. But, we're still using God's word as recorded in the book of Luke, we're using the same dialogue loops that were used in the original JESUS Film." While the completion of the project is more than two years away, Gregoire says, "That visual with a new musical score, new sound effects and use of the same dialogue, so in effect when we complete the film we will be able to simultaneously release it in over 900 languages." Because it's already translated. Two short segments are going to be field tested soon. Pray that God will allow the new project to be completed quickly and on budget."


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Eating bugs
hello, I am new here so thought I would send a little hello. I really enjoy anime and mangas but find it sad at the lack of good ones. Would love some suggestions on good ones!!

Thanks and God bless


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